8 Things Wise People do.

My Advice….


Life’s Interruptions


As we are going about our business and something new, unplanned, many times unpleasant, comes and takes us off the planned course we are, were on –Life’s Interruptions.


What do I do when life throws me a curveball?

What do I do when things don’t go as I have planned?

Ask Ruby   RforRed

8 Things Wise People do.


  1. They spend less than they earn

They routinely spend less than. They earn success for themselves, to a life of becoming debt free.

Tip: In other words, pay yourself first.


  1. They live within a budget

They spend and pay their bills, with confidence, they live life with an expression of joy. I know how much I make, I know how much I save, and I know how much I spend!

Tip: The best way to budget is by using credit cards for all items that you can pay for with cash.  Pay all credit cards off at the end of the month.  Pay cash for any items under $25.


  1. They buy what they need

They realize the difference between what you need and what you want.

Tip: Buy everything you need and negotiate for all the stuff you want.


  1. They buy quality

They pay the lowest price for the highest quality brands that have proven to stand the test of time.

Tip:   Buy quality over brand name.

  1. They buy in volume

They buy what they need at one time. Making numerous trips to one store almost always leads to over-spending.


Tip: Make a list and check it twice.  Buy in bulk if there is a discount.

  1. They use discount coupons and vouchers

They pay less for everything they buy.

Tip:  Use money-off coupons, loyalty cards and discount vouchers to save.

  1. They comparing prices

They use price comparison websites and other online tools to find the lowest prices.

Tip: Think twice about prices and be willing

to walk away.

  1. They make money the hard way, they earn it

They know how hard it is to earn money, so they’re not fooled by scams and cons that offer little return on their money.

Tip: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.


Dr. Ruby Mae Chapman, The Wisdom Store, Napolean & Ada Moton Chapman Institute, Children’s Advocate, Scholar, Researcher and Writer – visit my blog: http://ask-ruby.blogspot.com/ for more inspiring reading.


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