A Little Golden Nugget….

Want to become a Millionaire?


If you wanted to, you can become a millionaire in under five years. Most are able to do it sooner than that, but it not easy. There will be many sacrifices to make and obstacles to overcome, but if you are determined to make it happen, here how it all begin…… Dealing with adversity maybe your greatest teacher and it allows you to build the type of resilience that will helped you walk through the fire. Here’s some advise:


Dealing with People: In the process of reaching the seven-figure mark, this is a must… learning to deal with people is the most important attribute.  Money is in others people pockets and they are waiting to give it to you, if you are willing to provide a product or service that they think they need or want, with honesty, trust, and integrity.

Handling Finances: In the first five years of business, many scraped by financially.  In the first five years, many  faced dozens of overdraft fees and late charges on almost every bill. Many have to sell their house, car, and precious belongings to keep moving forward. The Little Golden Nugget, is to keep showing up and handle the business, despite the failures and discouragement.

Making Sacrifices: This is the hardest experiences. The Little Golden Nugget, the first payment of a product or service, with honesty, trust, and integrity, open up doors and opportunity to increase the bottom-line.

Dealing with Embarrassment:. Credit cards, will be declined. Other people will be watching.  The Little Golden Nugget, always live below your means and develop a high respect for cash. Use credit cards for high priced items.


Asking for Help: At a certain point in  business, in order to grow your business hired a few key people. The Little Golden Nugget, not asking for help is the down fall of many businesses,  if you need the help of others seek help with the goal of sharing the wealth, with honesty, trust, and integrity.

Overcoming Fears: Life is funny.  What other people think, say, write, and feel about people is more important than what an individual person feel about themselves. The Little Golden Nugget, FEAR is false evidence appearing real.  Replace the fear with FAITH.  Believe in yourself, you gifts and use your gifts with honesty, trust, and integrity and receive the millions you will touch with your product and service.

No Excuses: Creating excuses is a great obstacles. Stop blaming others, your environment and your  upbringing. Stop allowing your circumstance to dictate your life, instead, take control of your life and the decision you make.  The Little Golden Nugget, let go of blaming other, making excuses and having limitations.


Trusting Others:  Develop a philosophy of honesty, trust, and integrity when you hit a emotional wall, always  check in with a true friend, telling the truth about any situation. Being vulnerable, gives you freedom and allows you to release yourself from emotional pressures and anxiety. The Little Golden Nugget, a true friend is always hard to find, ask God to send you a soul mate if you do not already have one..


Taking Risks: Taking risks requires much faith in yourself and others, but it must be done with honesty, trust, and integrity.  The Little Golden Nugget, enjoy life, live life to the fullest and help someone along the way, you are a millionaire!


Dr. Ruby Mae Chapman @The Wisdom Store,  Co-Founder of Napolean & Ada Moton Chapman Institute, Children’s Advocate, Scholar, Researcher and Writer.


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