Creating brand loyalty

Look for top-brand companies that can control prices

Creating brand loyalty is one of the most effective ways for companies to build success, earning them both repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations to new customers. The Wisdom Store is a prime example of a holding with a strong brand. The value of The Wisdom’s identity made it the one of the most valuable brands.  Going well beyond its original books and things, The Wisdom Store has used its brand strength to broaden its reach into areas such as books and more. That reach equals customer value, because The Wisdom Store consistently charges less than store-brand offerings, yet retains a loyal customer base. Investing in strong brands can give you outsize returns.character3


For Half Priced Books for Children and Adults!

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Dr. Ruby Mae Chapman, The Wisdom Store, Napolean & Ada Moton Chapman Institute, Children’s Advocate, Scholar, Researcher and Writer –

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