What’s Wrong With the Picture?


Team Jackie Robinson West also made headlines during the tournament for being the first all-African American team to compete in the tournament in several decades. Hailing from the Washington Heightsneighborhood of Chicago, the team made it all the way to the World Championship before ultimately falling to a team from South Korea.


It is amazing to me that whenever African-Americans exceed the expectations, there is always going to be fault that is found in what we do.  Little League says that they teach character and they teach courage. Was this an act of courage, and  an act of character?

Should we continue to fight for the restoring of the crown?



As the team rose to prominence, Evergreen Park, Illinois Little League official Chris Janes began to investigate personal information pertaining to players of the Jackie Robinson West team, finding that multiple players on the team lived outside of the team’s designated boundary region. He later discovered that the team had used a falsified boundary map that covered a wider area than other in the region had agreed to. In February 11, 2015, the team was stripped of its U.S. titles and all of its wins after having been revealed to have used ineligible players. Based on allegations by Chris Janes, the team had falsified its regional boundaries for the 2014 season, The US title was retroactively awarded to Mountain Ridge Little League of Las Vegas. The Great Lakes title was also stripped from Jackie Robinson West, and given to the team they beat in the championship, New Albany, Indiana.


Lets look at this situation…

The Miss Teen USA Organization, already under fire for the lack of diversity in this year’s pageant, is fielding questions about newly crowned Karlie Hay of Texas, after a Twitter account seemingly belonging to the teen showed her using the N-word multiple times.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to point out the racial slurs shortly after she was crowned Saturday.


She explained that at that point in her life, she was a “follower” trying to fit in with her friends. “The word was thrown around in the music I listened to, with the friends I hung out with, and I had no guidance. It was kind of a careless mistake. When the tweets got brought back up, I was embarrassed and ashamed and amazed that at one point, I thought it was OK to use that word. It’s not OK. There is no excuse to say that word, ever.”

Asked how she felt about the move to dethrone her, Haye says she’s changed and pledged to “turn this message into a positive message because there are people who use that word and it’s unacceptable.” She added, “Hopefully people will learn from my mistake because it is a big mistake. It’s something that will stick with me.


Should we continue to fight for the remover of the crown?

Who is actually learning here?

Should we continue to fight for the restoring of the crown?

I wonder as I wander….whose is lost here?

What did this these young boys do wrong?

When will they have their turn to turn,this message into a positive message?

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